Takaragawa Onsen Ousenkaku

When I arranged my trip to Japan, Takaragawa was not in my priority list to do. We booked Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku via booking.com just a few days before we went to Japan. But, after I went there. Oh my God! It was the highlight of my trip. Takaragawa-onsen is located near Minakami, in Japan’s Gunma prefecture….

Swiss Sheep Farm – Hua Hin Thailand

There are many things to do in Hua Hin – Thailand. If you’ve read my previous post (here), Swiss Sheep Farm is just right across the Santorini Park (you still need to take a ride though). Even if Santorini Park was my priority in my list to do in Hua Hin, we only spent 2 hours there….

Santorini Park – Hua Hin Thailand

Well yeah, I haven’t got a chance to go to Santorini (Greece). But when I arranged my Bangkok trip, I found a theme park that resemble it in Thailand and it went to my what-to-do list straight away. I wanted to visit it ever since I read so many blog talk about this place. Santorini…

What to eat in Bangkok: After You

After You is probably the most famous dessert cafe in Bangkok, it’s so hype in social media. After You Dessert Café is well-known with Japanese-styled desserts, cakes and snacks in Thailand. If you frequently visit Bangkok, this one is not something new anymore. But for the one who never try this cafe, as soon as possible you…

What to eat in bangkok: Kum Poon 

I spent my last weekend in Bangkok, Thailand. When you hear about Bangkok, what’s come up on your mind? Me.. Suddenly I got watery mouth, thinking about their authentic food. Sour, spicy and a bit of everything. So yummmyyy and I’m ready to start my culinary trip. First, I visit Central World. The mega-shopping complex…