Why I need Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

I was intrigued by Astalift’s product, the one I never heard before, it’s Jelly Aquarysta. A weird looking red gel-serum, that I really curious about. Clozette Indonesia sent me this, as soon as I got it, I surfed the internet looking for tons of review and ask my friends whether if they ever tried it. So here’s my thought about Astalift Jelly Aquarysta.

Let me explain briefly, Astalift Jelly Aquarista is Japan’s No. 1 anti-aging phenomenon. Jelly texture with dual human type nano-ceramide help to lock & replenish skin moisture, strengthen skin barrier, and soften the skin. The Savior of severely dehydrated skins. Enhances skin’s moisture retention ability, keeping it fresh and translucent.

So, Jelly Aquarysta is a hero product from Astalift. It is a pre-serum, used right after cleansing in your daily skincare regime, and you can continue with serum, essence and lotion. It functions as a base to prepare your skin and anti-aging serum. It is like a cooling gel, bouncy-orange jelly to be exact. Although it is a little sticky on application, it still can be absorbed immediately in to the skin. I gave it time to sink to my skin for a while, before continue to the next regime. I think it has a very light rose fragrance, it did not bother me though.

It comes with a spatula and base of tray, yeah it looks expensive, indeed. We did not need to dip our fingers to it. The spatula even has its own place, it is all we need. Raise your hand if you always lose your spatula? Me! and I really love the texture, because it’s Jelly, it always back in to place after we scoop some jelly out.

Everytime I used the jelly, it seems like I am doing my skin a big favor. It makes my skin look so plump and supple. It contains full of antioxidants, to fights free-radical damage and to prevent signs of premature ageing such as fine line, sagging and loss of elasticity. Gosh, I hate aging, I wish I forever young.

Every night I took a pea sized amount and massaged in after cleansing and before moisturizing. I am obsessed with this Jelly. I feel that my skin is well nourish every time I put it on my face and it combines really well with any skincare.

I do not like to use it at the morning, because I feel like it was a little bit sticky so I need more time to do my makeup (always late in the morning, ups!). That is true, after the jelly absorbs to the skin it becomes transparent, but I can still see slightly orangey on my face. Oh! and I was shocked about the products price. I know they are High End Brand but I didn’t know it was that expensive. Will work for skincare, will ya?! haha

So my conclusion, I think my skin really need this product. Never imagine that I will need anti-aging skin care, but yeah we can’t fight against it, can we? Better to prevent skin aging as early as possible. Will I repurchase it? hmm I don’t know. I will give an update after I finish the whole jar, but if you have big budget for skin care, I’d say: go for it!

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta


Instagram @astalift_indonesia

Or you can find it at SOGO Indonesia

IDR 1.471.000

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