Review: The Balm Pick Up Liners and How to Ombre Lips

I get very excited about the new launch of The Balm PickUp Liner, thanks to Clozette ID and The Balm for sending me these gorgeous lips product. So, I got 4 product from The Balm. 3 shades of The Balm PickUp Liners; Boyfriend Material, I really dig you, and chemistry. 1 shades of The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Committed. Hmm The Balm never run out of cute name ideas. So, let’s check it out!

The Balm Pickup Liners

I instantly fall in love with this gorgeous liners. Honestly, I don’t like to wear lip liner, because I think it is a waste of time and isn’t necessary. Or maybe just because I haven’t find a good liners. So, when I swatch it and play with it, hmm okey it’s time to give some well deserved attention to these brand new lip liners. They have 8 shades with a range from natural to bold color, from nude to red. For this review I only have 3 shades.

The Balm always have the cutest packaging, it’s a little bit retro and vintage in the same time. They always have a theme for their product. The design for the liners is so sleek and neat. These are twist up pencils but you can also take a sharpener to them if you want a finer tip (include sharpener at the bottom).

The colours are so gorgeous! I love every color I chose. You can use the liner alone or for even greater longevity use it under a lipstick and they will make your lipstick more solid and durable. They are so long lasting, hold up to 8 hours. The pigmented is the real deal, the color is so intense. The texture is so creamy and feel so soft on lips. It glides on, cover the lip line really nice and doesn’t bleed into fine lines. Great stuff!

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes

Another lovable product from The Balm, it’s my first time using their liquid lipstick. This is the hidden gem of liquid lipstick, I lovin it! Never goes my day without using The Balm product, the more I use them the more I fallen in love with them.

The Packaging is always pretty. It’s soft card board with fun lettering and handsome Matte in it. The same picture is also paste on the tubes as well. See through plastic tubes and felt tip applicator, the felt tip make it easier to create a perfect edge.

The texture is so creamy, thick mousey like butter that makes it glides on so easily without trying too hard. It takes 10-15 minutes to dry, a little bit long but when it dries, it so pigmented and long wearing. It doesn’t smudge and it’s so comfortable to wear. It feel almost nothing on lips more ever it give you the best solid color. Staying power is great, even holds up through eating. Not only are they transfer proof, they don’t budge or feather. It give you a beautiful velvet matte finish.

I have shade Committed, it’s my favorite color. Committed is a dusty pinky nude shade with a slight coral undertone. Perfect for daily use and I will abuse it everyday. It smell like vanilla mint, not too strong and it will fade eventually.

How to make ombre lips ft. The Balm

  1. Apply lip balm to moisture your lips, and blot the oil using tissue.
  2. Outline (almost half lips) your lips with dark shades, I’m using The Balm Pick Up Liners in Boyfriend Material.
  3. Fill the center of the lips with the light shades. I’m using I really Dig You.
  4. Add The Balm Meet Matt(e) hughes in Committed only at center of the lips.
  5. Blend with lip brush or just rub your lips together to mix color. Voila!!

I love making ombre lips when I have a neutral eyes makeup. It makes my lip pop up and bright. Sometimes I make it bold or soft, depends on my mood that day. So, tell me what color do you like to make ombre lips? Let’s join The Balm Ombre Lips Competition.


To celebrate the launch of new product “Pickup Liners”, here is my #theBalmombrelips look!

Win a total of IDR 1.000.000,- beauty package from @theBalmid for 3 winners, by :
1. Follow @theBalmid & @ClozetteID (on Instagram)
2. Create your own ombre lips using Pickup Liners
3. Share in caption what shade you are using, and tell us your best pickup line (rayuan gombal)
4. Use hashtag theBalm #theBalmid #theBalmombrelips #youxthebalm
5. Mention, tag dan follow Instagram @theBalmid

Competition ends at 23rd April and will be announce in 24th April at @theBalmid, Good luck BalmBabe!


Cynthia Felicia

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