Review and How to: The Balm Batter Up 

Hello everyone! Today I want to make a review about the latest launch from The Balm. So The Balm sent me 6 shades of Batter Up eyeshadow stick. I was so excited about this product. So let’s take a look!

The Latest Launch of The Balm Batter Up

When I first time try it, I was blown away. The formula is really nice and soft. The consistency is not too hard or dry but is so creamy. I swear it was smooth like butter. The pigmentation is no kidding and it does not smudge everywhere. It applies so beautifully, I like it like a lot. 6 lovely shades of twist eyeshadow stick to enjoy, comes in metallic shimmer.

  • Night Game – Shimmering Black
  • Outfield – Mossy Green
  • Shutout – Cool Bronze
  • Dugout – Chocolate Brown
  • Curveball – Light Copper
  • Moonshot – Cool Champagne

As we know, The Balm always have interesting and cute packaging. The packaging is fun and colorful. They come in a slim cardboard and have a baseball illustration on the box. The eyeshadow comes with a stick-like-pen and a “click” shut. I love the shape of the eyeshadow, the tip is rounded and make it easy to apply. You can get a precise application with no doubt. It’s a twist up eyeshadow stick, so we do not need to use any sharpener. It’s come with the “how-to-apply” on the back of the box.

Each shade is really pigmented, once you apply it, it’s so creamy, you still have time to blend it well or build it before it sets. It sets really fast for super long wearing. You can use it alone as a eyeshadow, or a base for eyeshadow powder. I don’t think you need eye primer with this one. One slide is enough for your entire lid. It has a blendable and buildable formula. It’s really fun playing with it and it’s so easy to use. All the color have a high pigment.

When I tried it on my oily lids, it blended really well and after a few hours it didn’t budge or smudge at all. It could stand on my oily lids a long time. I really love the color range, from natural everyday look to smokey eyes. You can mix and experiment it with all the shades pretty well. You can apply a small amount along the lash line and just blend it to your lid with finger or brush. Don’t worry to layer it, because they mix effectively.

If you’re running out of time or in a hurry, you can just grab one of your favorite colors and apply it to the lids. Blend it with fingers and yes you’re ready to go!

Here’s my tips: Don’t forget the most important thing is, you need blend it quickly and you need to work fast. Because when they set, they really set well. You can’t fix it with your finger and q-tip. Once i try to clean it with cleansing water, they don’t budge at all. So you have to use oil remover to clean it. 

Here’s my step by step using 3 color of Batter up :

  1. Apply Dugout on the entire lids and blend with brush
  2. Add depth on the outer corner using Night Game and blend the edges
  3. Apply Shutout on the inner corner (look at that pretty color!)
  4. Apply Dugout again on lower lashes as liner
  5. Add some liner and falsies. Voila! Everyone will look into your pretty eyes.
The Balm Counter at Metro Ciputra World Surabaya

It’s Me posing with The Balm Batter Up

Don’t forget to try and get this Batter Up Eyeshadow Stick. I got it from The Balm at Metro Ciputra World Surabaya. If you’re at Surabaya don’t forget to visit them. They have a complete The Balm product there.

And you can also find Batter Up here:

Here’s the 6 swatches of The Balm Batter Up. Hmm what is your favorite shade? I think mine is Shutout and Dugout. It’s so perfect for daily use and of course I will abuse it everyday from now on. Lol

So give me a thought about this fenomenal Batter up!



Top: Direct apply from the stick | Bottom: Blend with brush

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