Review: Maxy Snow Natural Whitening Cream

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. Today I’m gonna make a review about new product in town, it’s “Maxy Snow Natural Whitening Cream” from Sarange. It has been a month since I received this product and tried it almost everyday to give my honest review. I have a dull skin and it makes my face looks lifeless. I’ve been dreaming to have a healthy and glowing skin. So since the first time I tried this Maxy Snow Natural Whitening Cream, my skin started to get better lately and today I want to make a review about it.

The product claims that they can be used for whitening and brightening, anti wrinkle and moisturizer. It contained of natural ingredients such as rice bran extract, aloe vera, vitamin E and green tea. There is not any chemical ingredients, thus it is harmless for your skin. Not forget to mention, this product is 100% made in Korea. Korea is famous for their natural beauty, their skincare products never fail. I think I’m not the only one who dream about having a pretty skin like them. It’s one of the new innovation in Korea and it also got a Korea GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.

The packaging is so convenient to travel with. It is made from plastic and squeeze-able, I can take it anywhere without worrying it will break in my bag. And most importantly for a person who travel a lot like me using airplane, I can put it in my cabin bag, because it is only 50ml.

As you can see at the picture, the consistency is not to thick but not too runny either. I think it’s more like essence than cream. It’s so soft and it absorbs easily in to skin. It’s very easy to blend, I only use my finger to spread it all over my face. Don’t be afraid of the white thick cream. When you blend it, this fast-absorbing cream goes deep beneath skin’s surface and gives you some pearly finish, it makes your face glowing and have a visibly healthier skin.

At the first time I used it, I couldn’t believe this product actually worked. It makes my complexion better, not only makes my skin looks healthy but also brightens it. It’s not greasy and tacky at all, I can combine it with my other skin care products without breaking out my skin. To be honest, it’s the best thing I never knew I needed. And the good news is, it does not only work for a couple hours, but it lasts all day (up to 12hours). It can also double up skin’s moisture and brightness with continued use (1month use).

There is a few option to use this Maxy Snow Whitening Cream.

  1. For face, you can use it after your daily skin care or right after washing your face. Cleanser – Toner – Moisturizer – Maxy Snow – Makeup.
  2. Use it as your moisturizer, in day cream or night cream. Sometimes I use this Maxy Snow as a moisturizer or base primer on my skin care routine.
  3. Use it as a primer before makeup.

There is no rule how and when to use it, you can wear anytime you need it. Oh! You can also use it for body skin. Spread it all over your dry skin or apply at any parts you’d like to appear brighter (such as knees, elbow, hands, legs, etc).

This product is free from chemical and harmful content such as;

  • Mercury
  • Parabeans
  • Parafin
  • Ethanol
  • Animal ingredients
  • Synthetic color
  • PEG
  • Etc

You can find Sarange Maxy Snow Whitening Cream here;

Price: 165.000 IDR

This is a sponsorship post. My review is 100% honest based on my experience. Sponsorship and endorsement will not affect me in reviewing honestly based on my own experience using this product. 

Give me your thoughts!!


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