Review: Ofra Liquid Lipstick ( Pasadena, Laguna Beach, Santa Ana, Havana Nights, Miami Fever)

Today i’m gonna review about my latest obsession. It’s Ofra Liquid Lipstick. I really wanted to get them since a long time ago. They have pretty shade and amazing formula. I can’t choose which one is my favorite.

Ofra liquid lipstick comes in generic box and tube. They have transparent tube with black cap and label sticker containing shades name. The truth is there’s nothing special about the packaging. But hey, who cares as long as they have a great formula.

For first purchase, i choose this 5 different color range. From nude, pink, orange and deep maroon. They are Laguna beach, Pasadena, Havana nights, Miami fever and Santa Ana. The product them self  is really soft, they are felt creamy and moussy just like butter. They moisturize my lips, not like any other liquid lipstick that make my lips dry. The color is so pigmented, what you see in the tube is what you get on your lips. You only need a little on the tip, and it will cover all of your lips with only one layer.

They comes in a doe-foot applicator, the wand will fit in your hand. Apply it with light handed at first application. It will glide on your lips easily.

The formula provides a lightweight layer of lasting color to make you look stunning all day. They have opaque and bold color with matte finish. The color will last in a perfect condition up to five hours without eating or drinking. For best result do not eat or drink for 15 minutes after applying. Wait until the color set on your lips.

What i like about this liquid lipstick is they don’t have a chemical scent, otherwise, i can smell a delicious vanilla.

Pasadena is a nude brown shade with neutral tone. This color is pretty much the same with my lips color, which is what i called “my lips but better” color. It’s really wearable for daily use. I think it’s similiar to phenomenal Kylie Jenner lips.

Laguna beach is nude with a touch of pink. I never wear this kind of color before because i feel it is too soft. But once i apply it, oh my the color is really pretty. Its color is nude pink, however there is a bit dusty pink in it, still wearable for use in everyday situation.

Santa Ana is a unique shade, deep pink with a touch of plum-berry. Sometimes they have a slight red hint, but some other times the berry color is popping up. Such a gorgeous color!

Miami fever is the first collaboration of Ofra and youtube beauty guru Kathleen Lights. It’s such a rare color. I was nervous when I purchased this product because I worried this kind of color would not suit my skin tone. Oh! you need courage wearing this shade. And voila! I’m in love with this one. Miami fever is a kind of burnt orange color, and terracota red shade.

Havana nights is the second shade collaboration with Kathleen Lights. It’s a beautiful dark vampy red, perfect for winter and holidays. May not suitable for day wear, but you can wear this for night out. It’s a limited edition, when its gone then its really gone. A must have item!

Here is the complete color of my favorite Ofra liquid lipstick. Look! The color is really bright and stunning. It’s long wearing, but it’s not transferproof. Sometimes it leaves stain on glass, or anything. In my opinion, for overall the product is satisfiying that make you want to collect other shades.

Xoxo 💋

Instagram : Cynthiafelicia

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  1. Julianna Adam says:

    Hi.. do you think santa Ana looks the same as bumble colourpop or bad habit colourpop?


    1. lunaism says:

      Haiii Julianna
      In my opinion they are not looks the same at all. Bumble have a slight terra-cotta and a bit warm colour, while santa ana is hot pink and cool tone. Santa ana and bad habit is a little similiar, but bad habit have a litthe bit purple in it. Hope it helps! Ah for me, i really love santa ana!


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