Review: Peri Pera Peri’s tint

Here is one of my favorite product at the moment: Peri Pera Peri’s tint water #1 Chery Juice. If you are a fan of K-pop or K-dramas, you would have probably notice your favorite star wearing water lip tints. They are extremely popular in Korea and worldwide, almost korean woman will have this product on their pouch. It’s one of the most essential makeup product in Korea.  


There are many reasons why i fall in love with this lip tint. They are liquid, thus it stains on your lips for a long time. There are so many ways to use it, whether you prefer natural colors or full coverage, this lip tints can work for you. If you want a natural colors, you can apply it in the form of gradation lip. Dot a little tints in the center of your lips, and just blend it with your finger. If you want a bold color, apply more coats for deep red color. Don’t forget to always use your lip balm, to mosturize your lips first. 


It seems to have that dark red color in the bottle, but once you apply it on your lips, the stain won’t appear as dark as it look. Its texture is watery and layerable, therefore you could apply it as you want. It has a super natural color without any glossy finish. Just like typical korean products, they tend to have a delicious smell like candy or fruit. 

Peri’s tint stays quite well on lips. It can stay for 5-6 hours even when you drink water. If you eat, they will stay for approximately 4hours without retouching. Even when it fades, it will leave slight tint on your lips. Yes, the color will look like your lips but better. 

Taraaa! It’s #1 cherry juice On my lips. They tend to have a slight red color, a bit orange in real life, which is the color i never had.  It’s my favorite product at the moment, i wouldn’t go outside without wearing this lip tints. 

From this picture, you can see how runny and watery this tints. They quickly spread to your lips, so you need to blend it fast before they set. Oh! Don’t apply too much, they easily stain on your teeth too. Yeah, i think it’s their cons. But hey, practice makes better. 

What do you think about this tints? Comment below and show me your thoughts. 

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Xoxo 💋 

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